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Gender Equality and Quotas: NZ Edition

Recently there has been controversy in New Zealand over the Labour Party’s proposal to allow the party to stop men from seeking selection as candidates in some electorates in order to more fairly represent gender in the party. Quotas.

I am against a system of quotas, not because I don’t want women to be represented in parliament but exactly because I want them to be properly represented in parliament. I am passionate about the cause of women in politics and leadership roles and my time in South Korea has furthered my interest in feminism and gender equality in this regard.

That being said, as a liberal (more in the classical than American definition) I also object to a political organisation trying to fix a complicated problem not by being earnest and looking for long term solutions, but by simply creating rules. Making a rule isn’t the same as changing a cultural mindset.

On a final introductory note I find a chilling irony from well intentioned men talking about how to improve gender equality by means of sitting around and deciding what is best for them.

Here are my objections in descending order

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Public Shaming: The victim-blaming, slut-shaming reactions to the Steubenville rape... 


The victim-blaming, slut-shaming reactions to the Steubenville rape case keep pouring in. You can check out my first post on it here. Pointing out the worst responses and reactions to this all would not be complete without posting a clip of CNN grieving over the “ruined lives of the boys.” Watch…

Victims blaming at its worst.

Feminism is the radical notion that women are people.

Kramare and Treichler (1996)

One of my favorite comics from XKCD, I was reminded of it when reading The Economist’s article about online comics the other day.

In a free society you don’t need a reason to make something legal, you need a reason to make something illegal.

The West Wing - S02E15 Ellie

South Korea has a new president-elect and she takes office in February. The race wasn’t as close as some had expected with Park winning by around 3.5%

The Economist: A Homecoming

NY Times: Ex-Dictator’s Daughter Elected President as South Korea Rejects Sharp Change

NY Times Op-Ed: South Korea’s New President Must Challenge the North

Got my subscription to The Economist sorted

Feels good man. Plus so much free digital content.

Japan's Liberal Democratic Party win in landslide 

Watch the Japanese shift towards right-wing nationalism continue.

KOREA TIMES: Moon bashes gay rights for church votes 

[…] his precarious position on his high horse is looking increasingly shaky after his pathetic attempt to exchange his principles for votes.

This is disgusting. A champion for the people?

Just ordered this bad boy that I’ve been meaning to read for a long time. My Christmas bonus from Groove Korea.

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